Spiritual Counseling at the Crossroads

Gifted with sight and psychic vision, Andrea has the unique ability to peer into situations and territory that is difficult for many to access on their own, providing accurate insight into the past, current energies, and future potentials. Clients always have free-will in their choices and actions based on the information and knowledge she presents to them. Andrea is in high demand for her skills and ethics with a heavy referral-based clientele.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching relies on the skills Andrea has learned as a Priestess of the Divine to help guide you. Many times we can’t see our own potential and require another to look beyond the obstacles, boundaries, and illusions we’ve built for ourselves in order to help us safely cut them away at a pace we can spiritually manage. This process provides room for new growth and deeper access to a personal power that can be harnessed to manifest and create. You are the creator of your life! Start living to your fullest potential!

Priestess of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Andrea participates with clients and students in creating sacred ritual space that bridges the gap between the human realm and the divine, finding the sacred center in between the worlds and within ourselves, where magic can bring deep healing and the transformation of self and our surroundings. Her mission is to help you discover, awaken and empower the magick that is within you! She is here to help you create your own brand of transformation that is unique only to you!

Sacred Goddess Healings

When illness manifests in the body or soul and presents itself during a session, Andrea performs ritual healing to help clients peel away the illness layer by layer with the guidance and power of the Feminine Divine. She has helped clients heal physical ailments, abuse, addictions, loss, spirit attachments, abortion related issues and spiritual sickness. These sessions are only booked with a preliminary spiritual counseling session to determine the needs of the client and their willingness to deeply, honestly and fully participate in the healing process.

A Voice for the Dead

Andrea has a unique gift in her ability to share sacred space with those who have passed over into death and bridge the gap between the living and the dead so that loved ones can communicate and share with one another across the veil between the worlds, bringing understanding to the experience of transition. She creates a comfortable space of confidentiality and safety so the experience is in the best possible light, safety and truth, giving voice to those whose voices have been silenced in this realm.

Grief Coaching

When a loved one is leaving our lives through the ending of a relationship or death, we start the grief process before the actual moment of transition. Andrea guides grieving clients in the development of coping skills needed to help them genuinely work through the process, not skirt around the feelings or allow escape mechanisms to erupt, but bring wholeness to the grief cycle which allows an opening for healing and serenity.

Weddings and Handfastings

Andrea crafts sacred ceremonies custom-tailored for the needs of new couples. At the initial consultation, she meets with you to discuss your desires as a couple, followed with a divination which seeks the guidance of Spirit so the ceremony is in alignment with Spirit, bringing a higher consciousness to the ritual. Andrea reserves the right to refuse service when the divination speaks that the ceremony is not in the highest good of the parties involved. Please inquire regarding the fees for this service.

Commitment Ceremonies

In her strong belief in marital equality for all, Andrea performs commitment ceremonies for gay, lesbian, transgendered, and polyamorous relationships. Please inquire regarding the fees for this personal service.

Andrea is not a licensed psychotherapist, medical doctor, legal practitioner or financial planner. She does refer clients onward for treatment from a trained licensed professional as needed. Andrea is an Ordained Minister.

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  • 30-Minute Session: $70
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Only phone sessions are available at this time.

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