About Me

Andrea Racko of The Sacred BeeMrs. Racko has been an empath, medium, and psychic since childhood. As a 3rd Degree Priestess in the Indo-European tradition of Wicca, Andrea is an adept at spellcraft, divination, exorcism, necromancy, cartomancy, and mediumship. She has offered divination, spiritual healing, manifestation, magick & religious training to the public for the past fifteen years. In 2006 she founded The Sacred Bee as a retail metaphysical supply and services store in Grass Valley which created a strong community of like-spirited individuals and helped open the hearts of many. In 2010, she closed the retail portion of The Sacred Bee to re-open it as a center for divination, healing, magick, learning, transformation and ritual in order to more fully meet the growing needs of individuals and families seeking spiritual help and guidance.

After leaving the urban concrete jungle in 2006 for the wild northern Sierra foothills, Andrea quickly tuned into the “Spirit in Nature” to help guide her life and that of others. Life on an organic farm with her husband, their untamed children and a menagerie of pets, has brought her peace and inner stillness. Avoiding corporate television gives her time to cook whole foods, feed her book addiction, and hopelessly wish she knew how to knit. When Andrea isn’t working, she can usually be found at one hot spring or another, soaking in the warm mineral baths and meditating the day and night away, or working on finishing her upcoming highly-requested spiritual guidebook.

To learn more, please visit Andrea’s Services page for more information about specific offerings. To book an apointment now, click here.


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